martedì 28 gennaio 2014

2x BMW M3 E30 on the track: acceleration and fly bys [video]

I filmed two BMW M3 E30 at the Modena racetrack. In the video you can see the start up of the engine, then some accelerations and fly bys on the track. Listen to the pure sound of the six cylinder!

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

+300HP Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV w/ Tubi Style exhaust: revs and accelerations [video]

In the video you can see this modified Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde fitted with Tubi Style exhaust in action! Some details of the car, then the start up, some revs and accelerations, also some on board scenes. Listen to the brutal sound of the engine. The 4-cylinder 1750 turbo produces here 306 hp on the dyno and a +60 Nm of torque, the car is fitted with aftermarket exhaust, ecu, air filter, bigger IHI turbo and injectors.

martedì 21 gennaio 2014

Opel Omega crazy drifting! [video]

I filmed this Opel Omega V6 3.0 at the Modena racetrack during a day of drifting. In the video you can see the Omega oversteering together with some BMW M3. If you think the Omega is not a drift car, watch the video and you will be convinced of the contrary. Driver: Maurizio Ceresoli.