domenica 31 agosto 2014

Ixoost: music from supercars exhaust [video]

Matteo Panini, the owner and the founder of the Ixoost, shows you his creation: iPhone and iPod docking station and speaker audio system made from Formula 1 car exhaust. His workshop is based in Modena, Italy, in the centre of the Motor Valley. The idea behind iXoost is that the sound of an engine should be listened to just like a symphony. The iXoost dock station is hand-built and uniquely put together with an exhaust manifold. There are several exhaust manifolds to choose from that come from different makes of racing car such as Renault, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti or Cosworth. You can choose your eight, ten or twelve cylinders exhaust, then continue changing it into your iXoost by choosing from a selection of colors and finishes.
Video and pictures below!