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1966 Ginetta G12 - Flatout track action, pure sound & on board @ Mugello

Italiansupercarvideo, 19Bozzy92 and I filmed this 1966 Ginetta G12 racecar at the Time Attack Italy 2019 at the Mugello Racetrack.
In the video you can see the racecar in action on the circuit: flatout acceleration, downshift, fast fly bys and curves. On board lap on Mugello Circuit. Listen to the music of the engine driven full throttle on the track.
Driver: Matteo Panini - Circolo della Biella Modena.
The car features a twin-cam 1558cc Lotus inline-four engine, with five speed manual gearbox, about 130 hp for 590 kg of car. The car has a tubular steel space frame chassis along with the cock pit section mounted to it for extra strength while removable body work allowed for easy repair. The front suspension consisted of Triumph-derived uprights and double wishbones (with camber adjustment courtesy of rose-joints on the upper items) and coil springs. While at the rear, the usual arrangement of single upper transverse links with lower reversed wishbones (with rose-joints) and radius arms was present along with coil springs. The car was fitted with anti-roll bars for increased safety and the Triumph sourced Girling disc brakes at the front and rear ensured increased stopping power.
Only 28 or so examples of the Ginetta G12 were ever built. They were designed to go up against the brightest and best of its day, including the Shelby Cobra, the Ford GT40, and the Lotus Elan.

Io, ItaliansupercarVideo e 19Bozzy92 abbiamo filmato questa Ginetta G12 del 1966 al Time Attack Italia del Mugello.
Nel video potete vedere l'auto in azione sul circuito: accelerazioni, scalate, passaggi in velocità, e curve. Giro con camera car e sound del motore guidato a tutto gas sul circuito.
Pilota: Matteo Panini - Circolo della Biella Modena
L'auto monta un motore 4 cilindri 1.6 Lotus da 130 cv, accoppiato ad un cambio manuale 5 marce, per un peso totale dell'auto di 590 kg circa.

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